Tuskegee Takes Black College Homecoming Attendance Title

HBCU Gameday today reports on the official homecoming attendance numbers from each of the four historically Black college football conferences, and crowns Tuskegee University as the 2014 homecoming champion.

The Golden Tigers attracted more than 31,000 fans to their homecoming game against Kentucky State, and outpaced the second-most attended HBCU homecoming game, Tennessee State’s homecoming game against Florida A&M, by more than 2,000 fans.

Clark Atlanta, North Carolina A&T and Alabama A&M rounded out the top five most attended HBCU homecoming games.


11 thoughts on “Tuskegee Takes Black College Homecoming Attendance Title

  1. Ok the numbers are not correct are we talking tickets sales or overall attendance for homecoming game day. If game day experience numbers Southern University had over 50,000 people tailgating and hanging out on campus. That was confirmed by the EAST Baton Rouge Sheriffs Department who set up towers on campus to secure the grounds. Without question Souther University A&M College-Jaguar Nation is the best tailgating homecoming experience of them all. GEAUX JAGS!!!.

  2. What happened to N.C. A&T, I’m sure their number are above 50,000.If it not them it surely isnt Tuskegee. Somebody needs to stop thes lies..point blank period.

    1. Amber please N.C. A&T cannot even compare to SU and our stadium is bigger and we taigate in Louisiana baby, so if you want to really count the number of poeple that come to homecoming SU blows everybody out the water HANDS DOWN…POINT BLANK

  3. I think the numbers are based on actual ticket sales for the game.

    Our stadium itself only seats about 10,000 or so but, we have people inside the gate standing room ony.

    On top of that Tuskegee also has people spread out all over campus and in the local community.

      1. You Southern folks I tll ya 😉

        Just teasing, I don’t know where the numbers came from and full discoser. I actually didn’t go to the TU homecomming game. I was at the TSU FAMU homecomming game.

        Another thing, I would kill to have a stadium like the one at Southern at Tuskegee…

      1. Yes, I think that is what it is. We have so much room around the fied that we are able to do that…

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