Morehouse Offers John Wilson One-Year Extension

Morehouse College President John Silvanus Wilson last weekend agreed to a one-year extension of his original contract, scheduled to expire in June 2016.

In a letter written by Morehouse Board of Trustees Chairman Robert Davidson, the board applauded Dr. Wilson’s efforts in filling executive positions and in enhancing academic offerings in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“The Board is appreciative of the progress that President Wilson has made on several strategic priorities since coming to Morehouse College in 2013,” Davidson wrote. “That said, we recognize that there is still more to be done and want to continue working with President Wilson to accomplish specific objectives.”
“As we move forward, we are committed to the continued growth and success of Morehouse College under the leadership of President Wilson. Our focus will remain on ensuring the bright future of our institution. We trust that we can expect ongoing support from our students, faculty and staff, alumni, and supporters.”

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