2016 HBCU Awards Winners

…and How Your HBCU Can Win in 2017

…and How Your HBCU Can Win in 2017

The University of the District of Columbia hosted the 2016 HBCU Awards last night, in front of a capacity crowd of black college executives, alumni and students from throughout the country. The winners:

Awards in Student Activities

Best Marching Band
Southern University Human Jukebox

Best Choir
Virginia State University Gospel Chorale

Best Student Government Association
North Carolina A&T State University

Best Student Organization
Virginia State University Girlz at the Gate

Awards in Publications

Best Student Newspaper
North Carolina Central University Campus Echo

Best Alumni Publication
Oakwood Magazine

Awards in Academic Excellence

Best Research Center
Southern University LIGO Center

Best Fine Arts Program
Hampton University Players

Best Business Program
Bethune-Cookman University College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Best Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program
North Carolina Central University Bio Research Institute and Technology Enterprise

Best Nursing/Health Program
Tuskegee University Department of Occupational Therapy

Best Social Work Program
Fayetteville State University

Awards in Alumni Activity

Alumnus of the Year
Sashi Brown, Hampton University

Alumna of the Year
Edith Mitchell, Tennessee State University

National Alumni Association of the Year
Shaw University

Awards in Athletic Excellence

Female Coach of the Year
Chandra Cheeseborough-Guice, Tennessee State University

Male Coach of the Year
Mervyl Melendez, Alabama State University

Female Athlete of the Year
Norianna Haynes, Alcorn State University

Male Athlete of the Year
Devon Gales, Southern University

Women’s Team of the Year
Saint Augustine’s University Track and Field

Men’s Team of the Year
North Carolina A&T State University Football

Awards in Individual Achievement

Female Student of the Year
RaCia Poston, Tennessee State University

Male Student of the Year
Jalaal Hayes, Delaware State University

Female Faculty Member of the Year
Hadiyah-Nicole Green, Tuskegee University/Morehouse School of Medicine

Male Faculty Member of the Year
Stephen McGuire, Southern University

Highest Honors

Female President of the Year
Cynthia Jackson-Hammond, Central State University

Male President of the Year
Michael Sorrell, Paul Quinn College

Historically Black College/University of the Year
North Carolina Central University

Over its six year history, the HBCU Awards has helped nominated and winning campuses to boost prospects in recruitment, fundraising and political engagement.

And at the conclusion of every Awards night, the number one question in the inbox and DMs is the same.

“What can we do to be nominated for the HBCU Awards?”

Make sure the campus is recognizing your greatness. — If your campus is putting news about excellence among faculty, students, sports and alumni, it increases the chances of getting local media coverage, and potentially securing a nomination.

Even if it only lives on the college or university homepage, it can be recognized as published media — a core requirement for HBCU Awards consideration.

Form an HBCU Awards committee on campus. — Many schools which have successfully nominated HBCU Award winners have done so through established committees which find potential nominees and help them to earn or promote the media coverage they receive on and off campus.

Engage communities to support nominees. — Social media campaigns supporting nominees can help in building on-campus and civic excitement around the nomination process. And any coverage earned from local or regional media gives HBCU campuses opportunities to tell great stories more often.

Work. — You don’t win an HBCU Award by being the biggest or the oldest, or the only HBCU in a state. Nominees are named because they are productive in community, academic and athletic spaces. Do something first, biggest, faster or of help to more people than anything to have come before, and you will walk away with an HBCU Award on the second Friday in July.

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