Alabama HBCUs Could See Funding Increases in FY2019 Budget

A state known for drastic approaches to fiscal austerity has moved one step closer to making new investments in higher education for the upcoming fiscal year, and the state’s public and private HBCUs will benefit from the increases.

Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University are likely to see modest increases in operation and management appropriations in the newly-approved the Fiscal Year 2019 budget, passed by lawmakers in Alabama’s Senate last week and awaiting approval from the governor’s office.

The budget, which closely mirrors funding recommendations from the governor’s office, calls for $39.5 million to Alabama A&M University and $37.1 million to Alabama State University. Both amounts exceed more than $1 million in additional appropriations to both schools, which saw flat funding in FY2018 that matched appropriations awarded in 2017.

Talladega College’s recommendation is for more than $971,000 in public funding, and Tuskegee University, a state-supported private school, is slated to receive $11.1 million in support.

The Education Trust Fund’s total budget exceeds more than $6 billion in support for K-12 and higher education.

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