Alabama State Cancels Homecoming Concert

Alabama State University has cancelled its homecoming concert, and says that its Student Government Association was victimized by fake promoters who promised to deliver Lil’ Wayne and other artists as headline acts. 

The university released a statement this afternoon, confirming a message posted to Lil’ Wayne’s Facebook fan page earlier today.  

Many of you may have heard about the statement from representatives for Lil Wayne that he will not appear at the concert tomorrow night. This is true. The concert was arranged by an independent promoter – not the University. The University was victimized by individuals who presented themselves as promoters. We have been in contact with a representative from Young Money, who states that “Wayne was never booked for this show.” To protect the interests of the University and our students, the University will vigorously investigate and pursue litigation as appropriate.  There are no performers; therefore, there is no concert for Wednesday, November 18, 2015. The University and the Student Government Association acted in good faith.  The ASU family is extremely disappointed that our students will not be able to enjoy a concert as anticipated for Homecoming 2015. 

Cortez Bryant, Lil Wayne’s manager and a Jackson State University graduate, expressed anger and sadness at the fraudulent show promotion. 

It saddens me to say but this concert is fraudulent. Wayne was never booked for this show. Graduating from an HBCU myself I hate that one of ours schools was victimized. Fake promoters are the lowest of people on this earth because they are damaging the integrity of artist and most important hurting the fans who are expecting to see their favorite artist. I’m now in contact with Alabama State University and will do everything in my power to work with them to persecute whoever was behind this. It’s not fair to the college students.

The university says that students and other potential concert goers should contact Eventbrite for refunds to the show. 


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