Albany State Alumni Say Presidential Appointment Violates System Bylaws

Graduates from Albany State University have challenged if the recent appointment of new president Marion Fedrick complies with University System of Georgia guidelines.

In a letter to System Chancellor Steve Wrigley, the graduates present a comparative analysis of recent searches at system schools, and the lack of search at Albany State, which concluded with Fedrick’s appointment in August.


Dr. Wrigley, after reviewing the Board of Regents Policy Manual (Section 2.0 Institutional Governance) that was last updated on July 31, 2018. It appears that your appointment of Mrs. Marion Fedrick is potentially in direct violation of the Board Policy (Section 2.1 Election of Presidents by the Board of Regents) that reads as follows:

“The Board of Regents shall elect the presidents of University System of Georgia (USG) institutions for a term of one year, which will be extended until the Board acts either to reappoint the President for the remainder of a one-year term or chooses not to reappoint the President, as contemplated in Board Policy. All appointments will be made expressly subject to Board of Regents’ policies and the Chancellor shall notify the presidents of the Board’s decision. USG presidents shall not be entitled to a written employment contract.

Presidents shall not hold tenure at the institution but may hold, retain, or receive academic rank. Persons holding tenure in the USG who receive an initial presidential appointment shall be required to relinquish their tenure before assuming the position of President. No person shall be awarded tenure while serving as President.

A person accepting the position of Acting or Interim President at a USG institution shall not be a candidate for President of that institution.”

The graduates also include an outline of recent presidential searches.

And a list of current system presidents.

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