Amid Accreditation Probation Announcement, Students Critique Staff Layoffs at Fisk

Current and soon-to-be students at Fisk University are weighing in on the dismissal of three admissions officers from the university this afternoon, as officials also detailed a 12-month accreditation probation status announcement from the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities’ Commission on Colleges.

Students took to social media to protest the layoffs of Stephanie Corey, Brittany Spicer and Juliet Johnson — two admissions counselors and the dean of admissions, whom some students credited with their individual recruitment to the university.

#Fisk22 is unhappy. @FISK1866 @FiskPres #savefisk #Fisk21

— briscoe (@ayefamitsty) June 13, 2018

amari on Twitter

Ms. Corey was there through every step of my admission process. She was the one person I knew and could depend on the moment I stepped on campus and she stayed checking on me throughout the year. How do you get rid of someone who cares about the students that deeply?

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Waiting on May 6th👸🏾 on Twitter

You ripped apart the most reliable office on campus. But the people in the business office that take collective lunch breaks at 11 when they only been working 2 hours, still have their jobs. #QTNA🙄 #saveFisk

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University officials did not address the dismissals, but in a release discussed university-wide growth in enrollment, fundraising, and capital renovations which would position the school for full status restoration in 2019.

“Prior to accepting the presidency in 2017, issues affecting the institution resulted in the SACSCOC Board of Trustees requesting the institution submit two monitoring reports,” said Dr. Kevin D. Rome, Sr. “The decision was largely based upon data from fiscal year 2014-2015 and does not reflect the diligent and collective work done over the past years nor does it reflect the positive progress Fisk University has made in containing expenses and increasing our revenue streams.”

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