Bill Introduced to Remove Law School From Texas Southern, Operate as Standalone Institution

A bill that would separate the Thurgood Marshall School of Law from Texas Southern University is drawing criticism from university leadership just over a week after the legislation was introduced.

Texas Rep. Harold Dutton, an alumnus of both Texas Southern and the Marshall School of Law, filed the bill on Feb. 25 which would transfer operational oversight of the law school from the TSU Board of Regents to its own separate governing body, and would grant eminent domain for the new board to purchase land in support of the new school’s operation.

In an email to alumni, Texas Southern President Austin Lane laid out the university’s disapproval of the bill, and alluded to a potential legislative plan to move the university into one of the state’s systems of higher education.

You may have heard about a bill (HB2383) that was filed last week in the Texas House of Representatives. HB2383 proposes a separation of TSU’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law (TMSL) from Texas Southern University. It is important to note that there were no discussions with TSU’s administration or Board of Regents prior to the filing of this bill. Likewise, TSU is unaware of any plans or discussions among state legislators regarding TSU becoming part of a university system, which we understand to be the rationale behind this bill.

TSU is very proud of its history as an independent public university – one of just four in Texas (in addition to Midwestern State University, Stephen F. Austin State University, and Texas Woman’s University). From a fiscal perspective, TSU has made tremendous strides in the past several years, including our latest Moody’s ratings, which give the University a “stable outlook” due to our financial practices, healthy reserve, days cash on hand, and a capital expenditure plan that is updating and modernizing the university in substantial ways.

If passed in its current form, the law school would be removed from Texas Southern on September 1.

34 thoughts on “Bill Introduced to Remove Law School From Texas Southern, Operate as Standalone Institution

  1. I totally do not agree with this and there should be some uproar from TSU alum. All law schools are associated with an undergraduate institution. Thurgood Marshall has always been a part of TSU since its beginnings. So WHY REMOVE NOW. There is no benefit to doing so. Its a move by the state to eventually close the law school. Come on yall wake up and stay woke. Dam .

  2. Absolutely despicable. Why would an alumnus of Texas Southern move to do this? Why would one seek to remove this HBCU law school from where it got its beginnings. I am certain there is much history why Texas Southern chose to begin a law school. I imagine, much like the Southern University Law Center, blacks were limited in where they could learn law. I am not fully aware of all the ramifications of such a move, meaning are there positives to this type of move, but it appears neither is the TSU family. Seems rather underhanded to not speak with University officials before submitting legislation such as this. I know I would not want to see the SULC removed from the SU System of Colleges.

  3. When I first say the headline and lead paragraph, I was thinking the person wanting to remove it was a White Republican….But no….its a Black Democrat and alumnus of the law school. There must be more to the story like accreditation trouble of something like that….

    1. You can’t even think of a racist Bill put forward by a Republican, but typical black American believing any crap of racism via the media. Keep focusing on race and keep being angry. The Democrats love us black Americans to be that way.

  4. There are at least 20 independent law schools, DuWarn. What are you talking about?
    Maybe — just maybe — there is a good reason for this. I wish Jarrett, who is a good investigative journalist, would publish the full story so people don’t go off unnecessarily.

    1. I’m still working to get the full story both from the Representative’s office, as well as officials from the university. No responses yet, but all of the details which are available from both sides are in this brief.
      Thanks for reading!

  5. But, but, he’s a Democrat. Oh that’s okay because black Americans will just vote another Democrat into his place and hilariously expect something different. The only overwhelming one political party ethnic group in America continues to be what we are.

  6. There is no justifiable reason to introduce legislation without prior discussions with the TSU administration and board of regents. This sounds like an end run.hoyc

  7. The other side can always find a stooge to do its dirty work for them (or in this case a Zeb Coon). If this were being done to advance TMSL and Texas Southern as a whole then why all the secrecy and double talk? Once this gets out Im sure the bill we be defeated and if not, Dutton will go down in Texas history as a fake ass Clarence Thomas and a pariah in the African American community.

    1. Ahh poor baby, butt hurt feelings that apparently your gang member Democrat being what he is and you have to pull a Republican Clarence Thomas name up to handle your butt hurt feelings. Grow up, it’s a free country, black Americans have the right to be Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Only the stupid ones think all black Americans should only Democrats like a collective. Don’t worry, black Texans will vote him back in office or vote another Democrat to take his place and the same nothing will get done and black Texans will vote for yet another Democrat.

  8. As an alumni (Spr 11). I think it can be a boon for both the university and its law school. The legislation would in effect create an additional HBCU in a time when HBCUs are disappearing. The loss of the law school wouldn’t be that detrimental to the main campus considering increased enrollment year over year. The law school vs rely on TSU for funding would get its funding directly from the state of Texas and would be the only law school in Texas with that level of support. Furthermore TMSL is not trying to distance itself but more so protect itself from any talk of absorption. This bill sets the stage for TSU to become a full system college akin to the state’s other state supported schools. Unfettered, TMSL could expand a great deal. Again this is at no cost to TSU. TMSL is a professional school whereas TSU is primarily a undergraduate focused institution so technically those students who are TMSL are only TSU students in name whereas TSU cannot be TMSL students unless admitted. As an alumni who is FINANCIALLY vested I see more pros than cons.

    1. Well, will you look at that, your black American Texas Democratic Representative purposed the Bill and you come at someone talking Trump. Fact is you can’t name of piece of legislation ever put forth by the Republican party that was ever racist against black Americans. But in turn we can find plenty of legislation from the Democratic party that have been racist towards black Americans. But you’re in luck, you black American Texas voters will just vote Dutton back in office because he’s a Democrat or you black American Texas voters will just vote for another Democratic candidate because he or she is a Democrat. Black Americans don’t divert from voting overwhelmingly 90% or higher for Democrats. Black Americans don’t vote issues, we vote Democrat. And we are the only race in America that have subjugated ourselves to vote that way. Keep staying salty.

  9. You obviously no longer have an attachment to your culture. trump done gave you a broom and brought you in the Big House huh Amos?

  10. If we allow this to happen to our Law School, then the College of Pharmacy will be next!! #HBCU for life.

  11. The fact that you said you can not find one bill that republicans put forth that is racist, says a lot about what you consider racist. Texes was just sued and is still in court for voter suppression. If you review your history, you will see that the republicans lost the black vote due to their lack of support in the sixties. So, instead of beraiding black folk, as your kind does. You need to asking republicans, what are they doing to earn the black vote. I also must say your response concerning feelings is rather vile and insulting. And it is a turn off to people of color and is typical of how disrespectful republicans are to blacks. They actively recruit the white vote by offering answers to their wants, problems and needs. But with blacks, they vote against our inrerest, then basically say we are ignorant, can not think for ourselves and better vote for them. That alone is a turn off.

    1. In 2012 Texas had Democrat representatives altering the elections in favor of Democratic candidates. They were all found guilty. So again, you can’t name one bill put forward by Republicans that have been racist towards black Americans, but you can find plenty of legislation put forward by Democrats that have been racist towards black Americans. I cane at you with facts and in typical black American Democratic gang member mentality you come at me with your butt hurt feelings emotional diatribe. Fact is a black Democratic Representative put forward the bill to separate Texas Southern Law School away from Texas Southern. And you are living in the denial of disbelief that a Democrat is doing what a Democrat does.

  12. Rodney sounds like a Trump supporter trying to justify why African Americans should vote republican against their own best interest. Not all Democrats are for the progress of black Americans but sure I have not found one republican black or white that was for the survival of any black Americans.

    1. Don’t let facts get in the way of your all up in your sensitive feelings narrative. It was a black Democratic Representative that purpose the bill to separate Texas Southern’s Law School from Texas Southern University. And in typical Democratic form, you Democrats try to deflect. Black Americans don’t belong solely to the Democratic party like property. It’s a free country with free choice.

  13. both parties are full of it from Jim Crow Laws to todays non-functional issue public policy that impact improving education, criminal justice bias, food deserts, land grabs in black neighborhoods across America – by members of both parties black and white and Hispanic and Asian.
    Blacks left the republican party due to white supremacy self interest, manifest destiny and greed plus white privilege doctrines.
    Therefore, our condition at TSU Law School has no situational base with the legislation. Due to the fact no bill was submitted to take over the law school – that would require some type of bill to stop a take over. Thus this fake bill as the smell and feel of a financial gain for some secret clique forecast doom and gloom. Self fulfilling prophecy.
    Also why didn’t he speak with the president and board of regents? Why didn’t he have a series in community informational meetings? Because he has a hidden agenda, maybe?
    There was a focus and a call to action meeting last night 3/8/19, several attorneys and judges saw no need for this type of bill, questioned his thinking and loyalty to justice, and questioned his intent.
    A staffer from Dutton’s office was on hand and said that Dutton wasn’t in attendance due to the point that no invitation was sent to Dutton with his name on it (something to that affect). I whip out my trusty phone – scrolled down to the sent invitation with his name and picture on it as my response. That was enough said without saying anything.
    This discussion about representation democrat or republican is an ongoing debate, but the larger debate is where the root cause of where and how political suicide by the larger body of black politics works and to whos benefit.
    peace to you all..

    1. So much bull in your statement it’s hilarious. Black Americans first overwhelmingly Democratic vote happened in 1936 for FDR for the new deal at 71% and in the 1940 election he did just as well with the black American vote. And black Americans have been voting overwhelmingly Democratic ever since. The first Jim Crow Law appeared in 1877 created by the Southern Democrats, still Democrats. And that stupid white supremacist crap, well, currently, as late as the 2016 Presidential election, David Duke donated $50,000 to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Hillary Clinton also received other donations from KKK organizations. This is actually verifiable. All the stupidity about everybody just all changed sides in the 1960’s is unbelievable, but black Americans still fall for it. Yet MLK Jr. was shot in 1968 by a white Democrat with Democratic President in office. Much after the so called made up switch that hilariously people buy. That’s someone saying everyone from Florida and Maine switched states. Typical how black Americans give that antiquated rhetoric of both parties are bad when a Democrat does something not in line with black Americans belief. Yet always railing on the Republican party as racist and evil when Republicans do anything like the 1st Step Act/The Prison Reform Bill. A black American Texas Democratic Representative introduced a bill to separate Texas Southern Law School fron Texas Southern and somehow the first the thought on those black Texans minds is to think it was a Republican. No facts behind that thought process just made up assumptions to make their narrative work.

  14. South texas law school is not affiliated with an undergraduate institution. It is a separate club.

  15. Not true, the administration was very aware of this bill. In fact they had copies prior to the bill even being filed. Don’t believe the lies.

  16. Absolute BS! Stay woke. There’s a lot you don’t know. Ask yourself how does this law school have the highest paid tenured professors in the state and the lowest bar passage rate in the state. The school has serious accreditation issues, to the point of being taken over. Ask the ABA to explain to you, because you don’t have a clue. And let’s be clear, TSU has hired lobbyist to watch every bill moving in Austin. That’s their job, and just like their lobbyist had a copy of the bill prior to filing, it was his job to make sure the Admin that hired him, had a copy too. Period.

  17. What is sad the very person who benefited from Texas Southern introduced the bill that’s the very problem we have in our community.

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