Black Collegiate Coaches Propose 'Eddie Robinson Rule' for NCAA Hiring Equity

By: Byron Medcalf – ESPN

An organization representing minority coaches has proposed a new rule that would provide more opportunities for minority candidates to earn coaching and leadership positions.

The National Association for Coaching Equity and Development, along with the National Consortium for Academics and Sports and The No Hate Zone, has asked NCAA schools to adopt the Eddie Robinson rule, which would require institutions to interview at least one minority candidate for all head-coaching and leadership positions before making their final hires.

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3 thoughts on “Black Collegiate Coaches Propose 'Eddie Robinson Rule' for NCAA Hiring Equity

  1. If you have to propose a new rule every decade or so. How long is it going to take you to figure out they don’t really want you as the face of their schools?

  2. Fuck them and their schools. I wish African American people would stop kissing the white man’s and begging them for theirs when we can strengthen our own. If we were to ever pool our money together, and invest into our own things, they’d piss in their pants over and over again. The only reason they want us there at their schools is to keep their pockets full. They know we’re the superior athletes (and everything else for that matter) and they paint this picture that makes it seem like they’ll have "better opportunities" at white schools and our dumb asses fall for it. It’s called the "illusion of inclusion"! UGH!!!!! Run n!&&3r RUN! SMMFH

  3. I agree this rule is long over due and they do not want you the face of their schools. So "Dre" I agree to hell with them. Once the student-athletes figure that out it will be a paradigm shift in college athletics.

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