#BlackCollegesMatter: "ROI On HBCUs"

(AP Photo/Branden Camp)
(AP Photo/Branden Camp)

In light of yesterday’s social media controversy generated over comments pitting the quality of individuals entering the work force with educations from PWI vs. HBCU, Forbes Under 30 Network contributor Marcus Noel offers a personal and insightful commentary on the role of HBCUs in the 21st century.

“Eight years after graduation, this February I had the opportunity to speak at a White House panel celebrating Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). But it was not without its soul-searching: What is so special about the HBCU experience? Why turn down Ivies and other top ranked institutions for HBCUs? Why don’t HBCU alum give back like other alumni? What purpose do HBCUs serve today?”

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