Brandon Dumas Sues Southern for Wrongful Termination

Former Southern University Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs Brandon Dumas has filed a lawsuit against the university, contending that its board of supervisors blundered in failing to vote upon his firing last month in the wake of multiple on and off-campus scandals.
The Baton Rouge Advocate reports on the court filing, through which Dr. Dumas seeks a temporary restraining order against the university, and an injunction from being fired from his position.
The suit, filed on Aug. 10 which was announced by the university as the last day of employment for Dr. Dumas upon the recommendation of system president Ray Belton, says that the board never entertained a formal motion to fire him, which according to University bylaws is required for all non-academic staff.
Reports of the hearing cited in the filing suggest that the board never motioned for termination, and in fact entertained a motion for a 60-day review of Dr. Dumas’ performance, which in the weeks leading up to the hearing involved alleged participation in a sex tape and inquiries into his off-campus board memberships.
From the filing:
In summary, then, the “recommendation” of President Belton to terminate Dr. Dumas was never before the Board for its approval. Moreover, even if the matter were before the Board, an affirmative vote of the Board to approve the termination of Dr. Dumas was required. That was not done. In short, allowing Dr. Belton’s unilateral action to stand is violative of the Board’s own Bylaws and Regulations and Policies and Procedures, as noted above, as well as Dr. Dumas constitutional rights to due process before being deprived of property. 
Southern officials have not commented.