FAMU, Grambling broadcast battles with SWAC show lack of institutional insight and control

An athletic director has resigned, a football coach is stirring public turmoil, and a contract has all but ensured litigation for the nation’s highest-profile historically Black athletic conference. 

Tennessee State latest to test worth of HBCU guaranteed games with Power 5 competition

There’s no reason to doubt the vision of head coach that’s played at the highest levels of college and professional football, or a sports culture at TSU that wants to be regarded as the best. But there’s plenty of reason to doubt how the guaranteed game model, regardless of how big the check may be from Notre Dame, isn’t the best or most sustainable for Tennessee State or any HBCU to consider.

Biden HBCU advisory board strikes balance between labor and limelight

Joe Biden’s version of the White House HBCU advisory board requires that the White House choose between engaging with HBCU needs and proposals, or suffering a sociopolitical hit that disaffected Black celebrities can transmit to all-important voting blocs.

Kentucky State is on the verge of selling its leadership, future for $23 million

A bill has advanced through committee in Kentucky’s House of Representatives that, if passed by both chambers will grant Kentucky State University $23 million in fake bailout money and will cost the institution its autonomy and future as a sustainable historically Black institution.