WATCH: Prince supports a Minneapolis teachers strike in 1970

An NBC affiliate in Minneapolis has discovered rare footage of a young Prince supporting local teachers in Minneapolis in the midst of a teachers’ strike.

What Biden’s budget proposal means for education

There’s no guarantee of how amenable Congress will be to maintaining much of the education platform in an election year, even with Democratic control. That’s probably why the ED Department also published today new recommendations for states to support educational development and student achievement.

Florida to mandate financial literacy as requirement for high school graduation

Students entering high school next fall in Florida will be the first to have financial literacy education as a requirement for graduation from high school. The new rule was signed […]

K-12 DIGEST: Audit shows Massachusetts schools mishandled funds intended to support hurricane-displaced students

The Boston Globe reports on a new report detailing the mismanagement of millions invested into Massachusetts public school systems to support children from U.S. territories displaced by horrific hurricanes in […]

K-12 DIGEST: Bill advancing private school vouchers to counter distance learning moves forward in Tennessee

A key Senate panel approved legislation Wednesday that would provide public money for private school tuition for Tennessee students whose school systems do not offer in-person learning all year. However, […]