HBCU boards must resist the temptation of proving innovation through untested leadership

Boards must consider the time and temperature of their work and the long-term impacts they can create by miscalculating institutional fit between campus and leadership.

HBCU DIGEST: Total HBCU enrollment fell to lowest mark in 22 years in 2020

Hampered by a global pandemic, a nearly year-long hiatus from in-person business, and economic uncertainty, cumulative attendance for the historically Black college and university sector dropped for the third consecutive […]

HBCU DIGEST: HBCU community has to get much better at embracing smaller institutions

Paul Quinn College’s men’s basketball team won the United States Collegiate Athletic Association championship last night with a 80-69 win over Bryant & Stratton Buffalo. The title game win, earned […]

HBCU DIGEST: Here's proof of how lawmakers and trustees at Kentucky State are misleading about the school's financial status

Two years ago, the University of Kentucky faced a $70 million budget shortfall, which school leaders attributed to enrollment declines and increased operational costs. Around the same time, the University of […]

HBCU DIGEST: After surviving Charlotte, the CIAA finds real love in Charm City

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association’s annual basketball tournament went off, from all outside appearances, without a hitch this past week in Baltimore City. Everyone who said they weren’t coming didn’t […]

HBCU DIGEST: The most remarkable thing about Southern's new chancellor is how unremarkable he is

Dennis Shields isn’t an HBCU graduate, a native of Louisiana, or entangled in the roots of its politics. His background isn’t built on land-grant administration, he didn’t blow people away […]

HBCU DIGEST: For HBCUs, yesterday's price is sadly today's price and probably tomorrow's, too.

High profiles voices in two strong HBCU communities had their say last week over the value of a long-standing football classic that was on the verge of being canceled. But, ultimately, […]

HBCU DIGEST: The website with proof of how the Biden-Harris Administration has checked out on HBCUs

If you visit the website for Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity through Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the amount of information you find there would, at first […]