Daily Briefing – Dec. 16, 2021


Retirement funding has always been a scourage on education budgets. In Connecticut, officials are suggesting that wealthier districts manage pension finances, and pay to support districts with fewer resources and more challenges in outcomes.

An Idaho manufacturer threatens to leave the state due to legislators’ commitment to slashing public education budgets.

New York City is once again emerging as an epicenter for covid infections thanks to the omicron variant. But schools officials say that a pivot to remote learning isn’t yet looming systemwide.


Former editor Jarrett Carter Sr. had some thoughts on Deion Sanders’ landing the nation’s top high school football recruit. Is the long game for HBCU athletic success in finding corporate support instead of talent acquisition?

The White House makes another presidential appointment to its board of advisors on HBCUs.

A global fashion corporation gives HBCUs a unique grant to create professionals in the fashion industry.