Defeating Separate But Equal Treatment of Maryland HBCUs Requires Action at the Ballot Box

Democratic swings in Virginia and Alabama show that the nation is ready for a seismic shift in political solutions to long-standing attitudes and the policies they produce. David Burton, President of the coalition which successfully sued the State of Maryland for enhancing segregation against its four historically black colleges and universities, writes in the Afro American Newspaper about the sense of urgency for black Marylanders to capitalize on the moment.

From the Afro:

The appeal by Governor Larry Hogan, Attorney General Brian Frosh and the legislative leadership appears to be a desperate effort to maintain the most distinguishing feature of a dual and segregated system of higher education: unnecessary program duplication between neighboring HBIs and PWIs. Maryland deserves better from our elected officials and rest assured, the Coalition is committed to continuing its challenge in the Court.

Equally important, we must take our quest for equity and excellence for HBIs to the ballot box and the upcoming election provides the ideal opportunity. Using the same formula that flipped the legislature in Virginia and elected Doug Jones in Alabama. African Americans and other minorities make-up almost half of the population of Maryland.

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Maryland Appeal of HBI Coalition follows Southern Strategy

Maryland officials recently filed notice of their intent to appeal the decision of federal court judge Catherine Blake in the Historically Black University Coalition case against the State. The State’s appeal follows the strategy used in similar lawsuits brought in Alabama, Mississippi and other southern states seeking to maintain dual systems of higher education.

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