Digest After Dark: Will R. Kelly Help Ya'll To Talk About Sex at HBCUs?

We dedicate a full episode to a conversation about the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary, and the takeaways, specifically those that black men can bring to improving safety and respect for women on HBCU campuses.

3 thoughts on “Digest After Dark: Will R. Kelly Help Ya'll To Talk About Sex at HBCUs?

  1. Initially, I was an R.Kelly fan…until his diabolical behavior was confirmed in recent times. I feel sick to my stomach knowing that. Now that I do,I no longer want to listen to his garbage…so much so that I wish that there were a cleaning solution to clean my mind and brains because of it.
    I also ask the same question that Jada Pinkett Smith ask about people still listening to his trash? Why? This man has caused..and continue to cause a lot of damage to the Black women he touched. How is R helping them? It seems that these people support rape and violence than the victims.
    What does such actions about him and his supporters? That when he jump,they will jump and that they have no worth about themselves and their communities.I admit,such unfortunate actions makes you want to ask ” how did we come to this?”
    R.Kelly needs to be locked up without parole.As long as he out in the streets,he’ll be prone to make fools of some more vulnerable young women.

  2. It’s not about being early or being late. It’s about having this particular conversation hat *hopefully* results in changing brothers’ attitudes surrounding predatory behaviors, rape culture, and etc on our campuses.

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