Digest After Dark – Y'all Still Standing With Jussie?

We discuss Bennett College’s recent accreditation appeal, Jussie Smollett’s credibility crisis, Ralph Northam’s upcoming visit to Virginia Union University and the state of student housing on HBCU campuses.


3 thoughts on “Digest After Dark – Y'all Still Standing With Jussie?

    1. Aside from his role in campaigning for Bennett’s fundraising efforts? Not a long history there. But still a notable conversation because of his recent work in the space.

  1. In spite of what Jussie is being implicated in,it was still a kind gesture what he did. People donate to colleges/ universities everyday . People don’t know what they’re backgrounds are or what it may be in the near future. I can only go by his past actions. Unless, Bennett discovers that the money is counterfeit or he renege on his donation,it’s all good there. I wouldn’t take that away from him.

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