Education News Flash Launches in Full

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the full official day of the new Education News Flash format! I’ve worked very hard for the last few months on establishing a new system of delivering comprehensive national news on education policy, culture and industry, and I think you’ll be pleased with this new formula.
Today launches the first day of three points of information gathering for you, the readers. One point is to check the web pages for real-time updates throughout the day for key headlines and stories that will keep you fully informed on the education news of the day.
You can view or subscribe to the various digests here.
Every digest will have its own daily intelligence briefing of sources listed by category to help coordinate your specific education news interests. If you would prefer to read these updates in your email, just check your inbox every evening at 9:00 p.m. for a full listing of the day’s news.
Interviews and commentaries on each Digest will be published separately, with some content available only to paid subscribers.
You can also receive updates via our social media pages, which you can find on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @ednewsflash.
This is the news service I’ve been dreaming of creating for 10 years, and I hope that you find it informative and enjoyable.
Thank you for all of your support.
– Jarrett Carter Sr., Founding Editor