FAMU Alumna Star Swain Goes Viral…Again

Florida A&M University alumna Star Swain is one of the most-viewed, non-celebrity HBCU graduates in the world, thanks to her prodigious talent as a singer.
Here is Swain as a member of the Marching 100 performing a vocal accompaniment to the band’s rendition of ‘Order My Steps,’ uploaded to YouTube in 2006.

Ten years, later the Jefferson County Middle-High School Assistant Principal caught national attention for a performance of the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial.

She talked with WFSU in Tallahassee about the experience.

“Everything in my life has a purpose. And this gift, is supposed to be used..to touch the lives of millions, people all other the road. But not just that. It will open the doors for me to use other gifts to encourage and uplift and build. So when I venture out to do other things, I don’t want it be, ‘“but you’re just a singer’. No, I’m a person who sings, who has a gift to sing, but I also have this to offer as well.”