Florida A&M Scientists Receive $16M Grant to Establish Cancer Health Equity Research Center

Scientists at Florida A&M University will look to eliminate disparities in treatment, research and awareness for black and Latino cancer patients, thanks in part to a five-year, $16 million grant from the National Institutes of Health.

R. Renee Reams and Kinfe Redda are among several FAMU faculty members who will oversee research projects through NIH’s National Cancer Institute and its Advance Cancer Health Equity program. The initiative will partner FAMU faculty scientists with investigators from the University of Florida and the University of Southern California to create a “Florida-California Cancer Research, Education and Engagement Health Equity Center”

“In line with FAMU’s long-term goal of addressing health disparities, and my work on prostate cancer health disparities nationally and globally, this grant represents a high point in my career as a cancer health disparity researcher,” Reams said. “This project will serve as a catalyst for creating new and outstanding research opportunities for FAMU that will profoundly impact the communities we serve. Dr. Redda and I will have the opportunity to serve as equal partners in steering a successful research program that will positively impact the health of so many individuals.”

The program will also fund applied research and training for undergraduate and graduate students at FAMU in epidemiology, cancer research, pharmaceutical development and end-of-life service provision strategies.

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