HBCU Digest Podcast Series – Norfolk State President Eddie Moore

NSU President Eddie Moore discusses the school’s lifted accreditation probation status, the work involved in changing that status, and his optimism for the school moving forward.


2 thoughts on “HBCU Digest Podcast Series – Norfolk State President Eddie Moore

  1. What is going on with HBCUs managing their accreditation? Someone way in, because I do not get it. HBCUs are in constant threat of losing it or on probation and warning. I do not see PWIs under this constant threat. What is the difference, just concerned.

    1. In short, accreditation is based on many factors; governance, finance, and academic rigor are among the elements which typically get the most attention. For HBCUs, often a drop in enrollment or poor debt management, or excessive turnover in leadership can induce the accrediting body to warn a school that it is engaging in bad practices, and give the school time to fix those problems. But it is rare for a school to outright and suddenly lose accreditation.

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