HBCUs Absent From MacKenzie Scott's Latest $2.7 Billion Round of Historic Philanthropy

MacKenzie Scott, the most prolific donor in HBCU history with billions of dollars coming to hundreds of institutions in the higher education sector, today announced more than $2.7 billion in funding for a list of more than 200 organizations and schools that for the first time, did not include historically Black institutions.

In a Medium post announcing the gift, Scott said that arts, education equity, poverty, and faith-based organizations were key targets for the latest infusion of private money for nonprofit organizations powering community good.

“While political pendulums swing back and forth, redistributing and re-concentrating wealth, we can choose to fund organizations with the potential to increase the impact of every dollar and hour donated by others,” Scott wrote. “Social sector infrastructure organizations empower community leaders, support grassroots organizing and innovation, measure and evaluate what works, and disseminate information so that community leaders, elected officials, volunteers, employees, and donors at every level of income can make informed decisions about how to partner and invest. These organizations, which are themselves historically underfunded, also promote and facilitate service, which in turn inspires more people to serve.”

In 2020, Scott donated more than $600 million in two rounds of funding to 23 individual HBCUs, and to all HBCUs by way of gifts to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and United Negro College Fund.