Jarvis Christian Students Present Cancer Research at National Conference

Students from Jarvis Christian College were among hundreds of rising scholars and researchers in a variety of science fields earlier this month at the Emerging Researchers National Conference in Washington D.C.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports on the students’ research findings, and their experiences at the convening.

“We’re looking at how we can use natural products to cure cancer,” (Jarvis Christian College Professor Shakhawat) Bhuiyan said. “I’m really happy this project gave the students an opportunity to do this research.”

Some of the natural products being used to treat cancer cells include garlic extract and ginger.

Junior Honour Adewumi is researching the benefits of using synthesized gold nanoparticles.

“I use (the gold) to trick the cells, and see how they react to it,” she said. “Anytime I interact with other undergrads, most say they don’t get a chance to do this.”

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  1. This is good Jarvis Christian College is one of those HBCUs that flies under the radar. This is great to highlight some of the work their students have done in the research science field.

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