Kentucky State Vice Provost: Blacks, Latinos at Risk of Losing Jobs to Automation

Kentucky State University Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Kristen Broady says that minorities are at increased risk of losing jobs to automation in the next 20 years.

Her study, Race and Jobs at High Risk to Automation, was conducted in partnership with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and suggests that more than 25 percent of jobs held by African Americans and 30 percent of jobs held by Latinos in service sectors could be replaced by technology.

From the study:

Over one-and-a-half times more likely to be cashiers, cooks, combined food preparation and serving workers (including fast food), production workers, and laborers and freight/stock/material movers; and

Over three times more likely to be security guards, bus drivers, and taxi drivers/chauffeurs.

Dr. Broady points to generational disparities as a gateway to job displacement.

“I think it starts with childhood. Did you go to pre-K? What was your reading score? When you hear of large cities closing public schools, you have a less educated population not by choice, but due to structural and institutional racism as these schools are often closed in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods,” she said.

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