Morehouse Honored as National "Difference Maker," Top Producer of Black Males Earning Math PhDs

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Morehouse College’s Department of Mathematics was recently honored by the American Mathematics Society as one of the nation’s “Programs that Make a Difference.”According to a release from the Society, the annual award honors colleges and universities which demonstrate measurable success in diversifying the field of mathematics.
Morehouse, the nation’s top producer of black men earning undergraduate and doctoral degrees in mathematics, was selected for its consistent approach to nurturing students in a rigorous program that prepares graduates for professional success.
“The Department of Mathematics at Morehouse College goes the extra mile to encourage and challenge its students,” said David Savitt, a professor of mathematics at Johns Hopkins University and chair of the AMS award committee. “The faculty show great care and devotion in their teaching and mentoring, and they also open students’ horizons by, for example, offering research opportunities and getting students to participate in conferences. The impact Morehouse has on increasing diversity in the mathematical sciences community will exert a positive effect for years to come. The AMS is very happy to present this deserving department with the Programs that Make a Difference Award.”
According to AMS officials, Morehouse alumni earned three mathematics doctorates in 2015, and six over the past seven years.

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