North Carolina NAACP Protests SB873, Proposed Tuition Changes at HBCUs

Members of the North Carolina’s chapter of the NAACP rallied in Raleigh this morning against Senate Bill 873, which seeks to cap tuition at several public state institutions, including three HBCUs.

Students and alumni of the HBCUs joined NAACP officials at the rally, and spoke against the long-term implications for the bill’s funding infrastructure and market value for future students. From WRAL:
NC A&T political science student Delaney Vandergrift said HBCU students will organize to fight the proposal.
“Considering that the General Assembly and the Board of Governors are not representative of HBCUs, I understand that you all may not see the value in our institutions. But we do,” she said. “Students, alumni, the entire country knows that HBCUs hold value.”
The sentiments of perceived value are of continuing importance to Fayetteville State University Chancellor James Anderson, who is the only HBCU chancellor potentially impacted by SB873 to have spoken publicly against the measure. From WTVD in Raleigh:

“Although, we know it not to be true, the reduction of tuition could create a perception that the quality of education provided by FSU is inferior to that of other institutions. Creating such a perception may undermine our tremendous progress of the past eight years. Should SB 873 become law, we will not allow it to jeopardize the FSU brand and will continue our efforts to ensure that the FSU brand remains strong,” said Anderson.