Southern States Withheld $57 Million in Mandatory Land Grant Funding to HBCUs

A new report by the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities says that 10 southern states have withheld nearly $57 million dollars in mandated state appropriations to more than half […]

PLUS Loan Crisis a Blessing in Disguise for National HBCU Agenda

The PLUS Loan meltdown of 2012-14 will go down as one of the great targeted economic assaults on Black Americans and Black colleges in American history. In the last two […]

HBCU: The 'N' Word of Higher Education

But like ‘nigger,’ the luster of mocking hate and disdain has faded with assimilation. In the press towards a ‘post-racial’ society, conversation grows louder among HBCU leadership about being ‘more than an HBCU.’ For this small group, its not good enough to be an HBCU with expanded missions, programming and facilities; there is an intense need to escape the historical descriptor.

NIH Must End Discriminatory Funding Practices Against HBCUs

As the roots of inequity and unequal funding run deep between the NIH and HBCUs, a discussion on increasing the funding allocation for its national center on minority health may be in short order, with special emphasis on increasing partnerships with HBCUs.