Paul Quinn Launches Initiative to Reduce South Dallas Stray Dog Population

Paul Quinn College is responding to a growing stray dog problem in South Dallas by launching a campus-based initiative to educate citizens about spaying, bite prevention and community-based animal control strategies.
The college, which has gained national attention for community advocacy on issues like waste management and food access, takes up animal control as its latest community cause in the wake of the mauling death of Antoinette Brown, a 52-year-old Dallas resident who was bitten by a pack of dogs more than 100 times earlier this month. From the Dallas Morning News:
The price to join is to show the ability to be, in Sorrell’s words, “malleable in ideology” —open to all solutions.
“This is what a partnership should look like,” Sorrell says. “Paul Quinn is not dominating this. The animal community is not dominating this.”
According to the Morning News, the stray dog problem has been growing rapidly since 2014, and reached a peak last year when city animal control officials were catching and euthanizing more than 800 dogs per month.