Plans to Fly Confederate Flag Near Alabama State Halted

A group says that land donated to fly a confederate flag across the street from Alabama State University is unusable, and has temporarily grounded what they say is an effort to honor southern history. 

The Tallassee Tribune today reports that a consortium of Confederacy sympathizers is considering a new location blocks away from the ASU campus to fly a proposed 50-foot rebel flag, which would be visible from Interstate 85 in Montgomery.

Supporters say that the goal is not to antagonize Alabama State community members or black citizens with the controversial flag, but to honor Confederate heritage. From the Tribune:

(First Capitol Flaggers Member Dana Jones) insisted that the donor was doing this for was she said were the “right reasons,” and that the reaction was blown out of proportion and it was as Jones said, “hurtful to our citizens.”

“The purpose in getting those flags visible is to honor our dead confederate veterans whose blood runs through my veins,” Jones said. “They did not stand for slavery.”

The original site for the flag was deemed unsafe for proximity to power lines and private property. 


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