Sex Tape Scandal Rocks Southern

Officials at Southern University say that a cybercrime may have been committed against members of its staff, after a clip posted to an adult website made the rounds among students and alumni throughout the country this morning.
The clip, which has been removed from the site in question, features a man and a woman having sex, and some alumni took to social media to express frustration over the alleged footage of a well-known graduate student and student affairs vice-president Brandon Dumas, as reported by PenPoint News. From a prominent Southern alumni Facebook group:
“We have seen the link, and believe that the parties involved are a high-level university administrator, married with children, a former Miss Southern, current graduate student who works in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, and on university soil. Even if the parties verbally deny being involved, it warrants an investigation with both parties being placed on administrative leave.”
Southern officials did not confirm the identity of the parties involved, but in a statement, said they believed that the video was private and may have been maliciously uploaded to the Internet, a criminal offense in Louisiana.
“Because of implications that a cyber-crime may have occurred, we take matters like this very seriously,” the university wrote in a statement.
“… we advise and caution our students and employees on the importance of data security as well as the ramifications of their conduct on social media. We will continue to take every measure to ensure that our students and staff understand that we want to ensure their safety and well being both on campus and online.”