Shaw Receives Historic IBM Strategic Planning Grant

Shaw University is the latest recipient of a grant from IBM aimed at positioning the institution for epic growth. The $56,000 in-kind Impact Grant will be used for strategic planning to support teaching, research, service and financial growth at the 150 year old university. 

Shaw is the first historically black college or university in the nation to receive an IBM Impact Grant to be used for strategic planning.

“With a changing academic landscape, it’s imperative that we have a strong strategic plan that will address the needs of our global environment,” said Shaw President Dr. Tashni Dubroy. “These funds will be used to create a new strategic plan and identify the strategic priorities and goals that we believe will help drive improvements in academics, financial stability and infrastructure. Thank you to IBM for supporting our EPIC vision,” Dubroy said.

Read the full story – IBM Taps Shaw University to Receive $56,000 Grant


One thought on “Shaw Receives Historic IBM Strategic Planning Grant

  1. More HBCUs need to get this grant for strategic planning. If we done plan to succeed you are in essence planning to fail.

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