South Carolina State May Get New Board of Trustees in 2018

Two years after being placed under the purview of a legislation-appointed board of trustees, legislative officials are working with South Carolina State University toward the appointment of a new board, slated for selection in 2018, according to the Times and Democrat.
Current SCSU president James Clark was appointed to the position after serving on the handpicked board, and some legislators say they would like to see the current board continue its work.
“For the most part, that board has done a tremendous job given the circumstances they walked into,” said Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, D-Orangeburg.
“It will allow people who made the appointments of the current board to keep that authority and then we can continue to phase those in,” (State Sen. John Matthews) said. “There are six board members that can be added without changing the statute.”
“The institution has made a lot of progress under the current board,” Matthews continued. “I thank the board members and board chairman for doing that, but they still have work to do.”
A new board would be appointed by the state’s general assembly election process, which was abandoned in 2015 following a slew of controversies and leadership transition at the university, which faced potential closure.
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