Southern Alumni Call for Investigation of Student Affairs, System President Responds

Southern University System President Ray Belton has responded to an online petition calling for an investigation into the student affairs division of its flagship campus, writing that an internal assessment of the division is underway and will be completed “in the very near future.”
Created two days ago, the petition accuses the division of financial mismanagement, harassment and unethical practices in personnel management and customer service. While the petition does not provide details or name specific employees, a thread of signers echo the claims in addition to concerns about enrollment, the campus physical plant and executive leadership.

Dr. Belton responded with a written statement posted to the petition webpage.

In February, the Southern Digest student newspaper profiled efforts from the division to improve campus facilities and student life at the Baton Rouge campus. But the renovations, totaling nearly $260,000, are a fraction of a $150 million deferred maintenance bill which some suggest has contributed to a five percent decrease in enrollment since Sept. 2015.