Southern Chief of Police Named Regional Director of the Year

Southern University Chief of Police Joycelyn Johnson was named the HBCU Law Enforcement Executives and Administrators’ (LEEA) Regional Director of the Year for Region 4 on July 18, 2017, at the LEEA Annual Conference in New Orleans.
Regional Vice President Melvin Harris of the HBCU-LEEA said, “I searched for someone doing a remarkable job and my sights landed on LEEA member Chief Johnson. Chief’s achievements during her 18 years with SUPD, and four years as interim chief and now chief, made her an exceptional candidate.”
An overwhelmed Johnson said, “to be recognized outside of my campus really means a lot to me. If Southern University was not in the city I was raised, I would not be a college graduate nor in the position I am today.”
During Johnson’s time as interim chief, the SUPD has ramped up engagement between officers and students, created the Jags Safe App, became the first HBCU to join the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing under former President Barack Obama, and held various events such as active shooting seminars and “Kickin’ it with Cops,” to name a few.
Johnson and the SU Police Department has a lot in store for the upcoming school year, including technology in some campus safety initiatives. One includes a new system for mass alert notifications that will be used in addition to the Jag Safe App.
HBCU-LEEA us a non-profit organization that provides protective programs and training to law enforcement agencies on HBCU institutions campuses in order to maintain the highest standards in promoting security and law enforcement.