Anti-Abortion Activism is Pro-HBCU Women's Health Outreach

Within all of the sociopolitical debate and new laws virtually outlawing abortion across the country, some of the nation’s most restrictive states are also home to some of the most […]

EXCLUSIVE – Georgia Sen. Nikema Williams Discusses HBCU System Proposal Controversy

Georgia Democratic Senator and Democratic Party Chair Nikema Williams, a Talladega College alumna, spoke exclusively with the HBCU Digest today about the proposal, and the ongoing study to improve stability […]

The Georgia A&M University Proposal May Have Flaws, But Might Be a Good Idea for All HBCUs

Albany State, Fort Valley State and Savannah State have all contended with falling enrollment, leadership instability and financial strife for the better part of a decade. Their situations are not […]

Five Questions About the Albany State, Fort Valley State, Savannah State Merger Proposal

This proposal in its current form does not deserve an up or a down vote from the HBCU community. But it more than deserves our attention to how we can […]

HBCU Presidential Hirings and Firings – a 2018-19 Mid-Term Report

A new trend of executive stability appears to be emerging for the new year.