LeMoyne-Owen Breaks Ground on Tech Innovation Center, Announces Online Graduate School Partnership

LeMoyne-Owen College is quickly building a brand in digital learning and entrepreneurship, announcing two new partnerships in the last two weeks designed to promote greater access to online training and […]

HBCU Students Are Getting Fed Up with Housing Issues. It's Time to Give Them the Truth About Why They Can't Be Fixed

An increasing number of students at historically black colleges and universities nationwide are becoming increasingly frustrated with what they describe as substandard or unsafe campus housing conditions. Citing ongoing issues […]

The Historically Black Life of Marion Barry

He gave into himself, and unto others, until he could give no more. And this is the same plight faced by many of our historically Black institutions today. Egos, money, power and influence tint governance of our institutions, but because we are conditioned to do more with less, and because we are capable of and committed to executing a vision of success for Black students, we can generally overcome our own worst failings to make life better for others.