WATCH: The HBCU Desegregation Lawsuit You've Never Heard Of

Three reasons why a case which could go to the Supreme Court hasn’t gotten national traction, even in the HBCU community.

Defeating Separate But Equal Treatment of Maryland HBCUs Requires Action at the Ballot Box

Democratic swings in Virginia and Alabama show that the nation is ready for a seismic shift in political solutions to long-standing attitudes and the policies they produce. David Burton, President […]

Mississippi's Landmark HBCU Lawsuit Shows the Reach of Inequity Beyond Borders and Across Generations

Five years from now, the State of Mississippi will make its final payout to its three public historically black universities as mandated by a Supreme Court desegregation decision ordered in […]

Maryland HBCU Faculty Plan Rally at State Capitol

Faculty members from Maryland’s four historically black colleges and universities will hold a rally this week to protest inequitable funding from the state towards its HBCUs, and the unsatisfactory remedies […]