Alabama State Suspends Presidential Search, Breaks Relationship with Steve Harvey

Alabama State University officials this week announced that the institution does not have enough money to continue a full and customary search for a new president. The announcement comes days […]

Alabama State: Partnership with Steve Harvey Not Tied to $250K Speaker Series Proposal from 2013

Alabama State University Board Chairman Locy Baker told the Montgomery Advertiser this weekend that a deal in the works with entertainer Steve Harvey has no ties to a previous contract forged by a former executive that would’ve paid him more than $250,000.

Why is Steve Harvey Partnering with Strayer University and not an HBCU?

And before we accuse Harvey or any other Black celebrities of neglecting HBCUs by not donating their image, voice or star power to the cause, we should reflect on just how consistently Harvey and others represent for HBCUs free of charge.