WATCH: Morehouse Professor Holds Baby to Help Student Take Notes in Class

It is not unusual for college students with children to bring their children to class. In fact, institutions and higher ed systems across the country are working to expand on-campus child care resources as a part of their retention and completion strategies.

A tweet of a Morehouse College professor illustrates how this strategy breaks down to the classroom level. And landed Nathan Alexander a spot on this morning’s Today Show.

6 thoughts on “WATCH: Morehouse Professor Holds Baby to Help Student Take Notes in Class

  1. Yes, that was a kind gesture from the Professor.
    The article mentions expanding campuses to include child care…. However, I don’t think that’s a GREAT/GOOD idea. College students should focus on abstaining or being more responsible and practicing safe sex. The idea of getting a college education is to better one’s current circumstance. Students should be focusing on improving their livelihood before taking on more responsibilities.

  2. I looked at that story about that student and professor over and over again..and want to see it again😇😂. One of the most fascinating stories that I’ve ever seen in a long time.
    I have no desire to get married but if I were looking for a husband,I would definitely want educated ,fatherly and responsible men like the both of them..especially like the father. I loved his no excuse approach of wanting to care for his daughter and focus on his studies . He could have let the mom baby stayed with the mom or he could have stayed home but he didnt.
    Also Kudos to the young man who told the world about this Morehouse student and the professor. Black men aren’t given credit for their fatherly heroics as they are often stereotyped as abandoners. An news article from last year ( I forget who..possibly Huffington Post Blackvoices )where a study was conducted and said that the most nurturing fathers were Black men. I can believe that. Maybe it’s just me,but I know that I’ve seen plenty of Black fathers caring for the kids around the ATL.
    One that that little girl will look at her father with pride, knowing that her father loved her can cared for her as much as he could. I know I would.

  3. In a perfect world that would be absolutely correct. However, given the circumstances of students all over this country this is someone’s reality. So why not help this student to better himself, his community and his family. We must not be so critical that we miss the importance of the big picture and the big picture here is just what you mentioned. This young man is trying to better himself. Would you not agree to at least that?

  4. I, too, agree that young African Americans should wait until they are economically and emotionally stable before they begin families. One black psychologist even suggested that blacks not begin having children until the mid-twenties for women and late twenties (and even early thirties) for men. Be that as it may, in most cases, there is little reason to close the barn door after the proverbial horse is loose. Instead, colleges should try to provide adequate child care facilities and–most importantly–the right personnel.

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