WATCH: Presidents of Miles, Wiley Earn Doctorates From Jackson State

Two sitting HBCU presidents – Dr. George French of Miles College and Dr. Herman Felton of Wiley College – give remarks during Jackson State University’s fall commencement exercises shortly after receiving doctorate degrees from the institution.

9 thoughts on “WATCH: Presidents of Miles, Wiley Earn Doctorates From Jackson State

  1. DuWarn, That use to be true. I can give specific examples at the moment, but I have read about people with law degrees and MBAs being hired at that position. Some people will argue for and against, however, it is important that the person have a vision of moving the school forward and have the ability to raise funds.

  2. Both of these men are law school graduates and held J.D.’s before completing their PhD’s. They both had already earned doctorates, respectively.

  3. The President of Youngstown State University has a Masters degree. In four years he has helped raise millions of dollars, the University is growing by the day with increased enrollment, construction , etc. His name is Jim Tressel, the former football coach at Ohio State. You don’t need a PHD to be a successful college President.

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