WATCH: The HBCU Desegregation Lawsuit You've Never Heard Of

Three reasons why a case which could go to the Supreme Court hasn’t gotten national traction, even in the HBCU community.

3 thoughts on “WATCH: The HBCU Desegregation Lawsuit You've Never Heard Of

  1. We know why it has not gotten any traction. The supreme court is majority racist conservatives now. Also the appeal in the lower racist courts are holding it up as well. Thats why local state and federal court district judges are just as important as the Supreme Court.

  2. I think another reason is priority and education equality tends to be down at the bottom of the list in many Black American communities. However, let there be a police shooting or someone makes a derogatory comment involving Black Americans and all hell breaks loose. There needs to be better focus on the prize and just a savvy networking and organization in getting a piece of the pie. And call a foul on education inequality when it exist and fight like hell to balance the scale.

  3. Education should be highly important to everybody. Our ancestors did not always have the opportunity to acquire such . Getting one is not only my way of paying homage to them but to improve my community. Though I wasn’t able to go to the HBCU of my choice, I’m just happy that I was able to go to college/ university.
    So far most of HBCUs have been going strong though they always have to go through an everyday battle through their adversaries. I was impressed when Jussie Smollett..who I’m praying for him after being assaulted..donating some of his money to.He didn’t have to do it but he did.
    I’m thankful for blogs like this. I like being informed about colleges and HBCUs more than anything. They are a necessity whether people attends one or not. The education is like no other and I wouldn’t want Black history to be forever lost .🙁

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