WATCH – WHI-HBCU Executive Director Jonathan Holifield’s Introductory Remarks

New White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities Executive Director Johnathan Holifield was introduced yesterday, and gave remarks on his vision for the office and for the prospects of HBCUs under the Trump Administration.

Holifield and the administration have been criticized over the last 24 hours for the new appointee’s perceived lack of experience in the HBCU sector – the former NFL running back did not attend and has not work at an HBCU over his 20-year career in tech consulting and entrepreneurship.

Analysis | Trump’s pick to head his HBCU initiative has no HBCU experience

The White House has finally hired someone to head the president’s historically black colleges and universities initiative after reports that the administration was having a difficult time finding a person willing to take the job. But like many hires in the Trump administration, the new head is attracting attention because of his lack of experience in the area that he will lead.

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