Wilberforce Announces Leadership Transition, Felton Named Wiley President

Wilberforce University’s Board of Trustees today announced that Tony Pinkard will serve as the school’s new, permanent president following the departure of Herman J. Felton, who arrived in Ohio in July 2016 and will depart to become the new president of Wiley College.

In a statement, Board Chairman Mark Wilson praised Dr. Felton for his leadership and called his work at the institution, “complete.” Dr. Pinkard, who served as executive vice president and provost, received a unanimous appointment to the permanent position.

“The Wilberforce University Board of Trustees and the University family wishes to express their sincerest appreciation and gratitude for Dr Felton’s leadership at Wilberforce,” said Wilson.

He continued, “Dr. Pinkard is a seasoned administrator who is uniquely qualified for the position as he has worked closely with Dr. Felton in developing the path forward for the University. The incredible and exciting momentum occasioned by the Wilberforce Renaissance will continue unabated. Our current president, Herman J. Felton, Jr. will work closely with incoming president, Elfred Anthony Pinkard to facilitate and support a smooth and seamless transition of presidential leadership.”

Dr. Felton is credited with securing more than $5 million in support of facility upgrades, sponsored research and through private alumni giving. The Edward Waters College alumnus will replace long-serving Wiley president Haywood Strickland, who announced his retirement last July.

“It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the rich legacy of Wiley College,” Dr. Felton said in a statement. “I look forward to working with Wiley trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumniand supporters to prepare the next generation of servant-leaders.”

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