Xavier Research Lab Produces Breast Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

A Xavier University of Louisiana cancer research lab has announced a new treatment for breast cancer, which could reduce the number of women who choose preventional mastectomies and who experience negative side effects with traditional treatment options.
XULA Biology Chair Shubha Ireland is part of a team of Lousiana-based researchers who have developed a “super cocktail” of six plant-based chemicals which can limit effects of the BRCA1 human gene mutation and tumor growth, without damaging healthy cells around treatment areas.  According to Dr. Ireland, the treatment is a major step in potential cures for breast, lung and prostate cancers.
“In summary, we believe that our super cocktail has the potential to serve both as a prophylactic agent and as a cure for at least certain cancers and our research continues to provide strong evidence for our hypothesis. The in-vivo studies should start within the next few weeks and will also be conducted at Xavier.”
According to a release, more than 750 women (with and without breast cancer) have used the super cocktail without reporting adverse sid effects. Funding for the project was produced by the Lousiana Cancer Research Consortium and through the Lousiana Board of Regents’ Eminent Scholar professorship program.