Are Fayetteville State and St. Augustine's CIAA South Division Co-Champions or Nah?

Fayetteville State University is headed to the CIAA football championship courtesy of a rare win over Winston-Salem State University and a CIAA Southern Divison title. But do the Broncos have a claim to the title outright, or is it a shared accolade?

Fayetteville State University has inserted another historical note in the record books during its Sesquicentennial Celebration. The Broncos defeated Winston-Salem State 23-22 in Bowman Gray Stadium to take the CIAA Southern Division Title and a trip to the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Championship game.

While the Broncos claim sole ownership of the divisional crown with a perfect 5-0 record in south play, Saint Augustine’s University has billed itself as co-champions of the division by virtue of its identical overall conference record with FSU.

The Falcons (5-5 overall) tied Fayetteville State University for first place in the division at 5-2, but the Broncos won their head-to-head matchup on Oct. 21 to reach the CIAA Championship Game. The season was still a success for the Falcons, who won a division title for the first time in recent memory after winning a combined three games in the previous two years. They also finished .500 or better overall for the first time since 2012.

Here’s a look at the official CIAA football standings.

FSU has a better overall record, a better divisional record and the head-to-head tiebreaker with St. Augustine’s. So it’s not immediately clear how the Falcons claim a divisional title outside of direct, divisional and overall conference metrics, but if they can claim it, some say it would be a major gain for the SAU program.

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