Benedict President Roslyn Clark Artis Receives Contract Extension Through 2026

Less than two years after her arrival at Benedict College as the institution’s first female president, Roslyn Clark Artis is on her way to becoming one of its longest-serving executives, receiving a contract extension through 2026 this afternoon.
Members of the Benedict Board of Trustees lauded Dr. Artis’ gains in fundraising, debt management, increased enrollment, and increased academic standards for students.
“Since Dr. Artis became president, we have experienced tremendous progress,” saidDr. Charlie W. Johnson, Chairman of the BC Board of Trustees. “We are making substantial changes to enhance Benedict College. We are mindful of the fact that some of the changes that have been made, and will be implemented, will engender criticism, but we are not invested in the status quo; we are invested in the brightest future for Benedict College! With the extension of the Dr. Artis’ employment contract as President and CEO, we are expressing our confidence in her vision and outstanding leadership.”
Dr. Artis was named ‘Female President of the Year’ during the 2018 HBCU Awards held in June.
“I am grateful for the Board of Trustees’ affirmation of, and confidence in, my leadership,” said Dr. Artis. “They have demonstrated their willingness to support the vision that we have jointly constructed for the future of Benedict and I look forward to delivering on my commitment to them and most importantly, to the students of Benedict College.”

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  1. Combining the purpose of education with understanding student needs and a desire for accomplishments-plural-makes an outstanding leader and an outstanding university. Others should note As said “Copy That”

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