Cheyney Faces Accreditation Show-Cause

Cheyney University faces a Sept. 1 deadline to demonstrate its plan for financial solvency and academic service delivery or will lose its accreditation.
The Middle States Commission on Higher Education offered a public disclosure statement last month on the university’s continuing problems with leadership structure, debt reduction planning and revenue creation.
The agency is also requiring Cheyney, the nation’s oldest HBCU, to develop a detailed plan on how students will be accommodated in the event that accreditation is revoked and the university faces potential closure.
“In accordance with Commission policy and federal regulations, the teach-out plan must provide for the equitable treatment of students to complete their education, and include any teach-out agreements that the institution has entered into or intends to enter into with another institution.  Approvals from any licensing, regulatory, or other legal entities, as may be necessary, must also be provided to the Commission.”
Earlier, this month, an independent review of Pennsylvania’s public higher education system recommended that its system avoids merging or closing any campuses, and specifically cited Cheyney for changes in governance structure and competitive academic programs.
Utility corporation PECO recently granted $25,000 to Cheyney to support its development of STEM students and graduates.