Cheyney Placed on Accreditation Probation

Courtesy: Michael Bryant - Philadelphia Inquirer
Courtesy: Michael Bryant – Philadelphia Inquirer

By: Susan Snyder – Philadelphia Inquirer

Cheyney University, which has been running a deficit and experienced a 30 percent enrollment drop this year, has been placed on probation by the body that accredits colleges and universities.

The historically black university, on the boundary between Chester and Delaware Counties, has two years to correct financial concerns raised by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education or face losing accreditation.

That loss would mean that the university’s students no longer would be eligible for state or federal financial aid.

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2 thoughts on “Cheyney Placed on Accreditation Probation

  1. This article is pure lies and blasphemy. Cheyney was up for Middle States last year and passed, giving the school 10 years of accreditation. Since it is December an entire year since, we have 9 years of accreditation. I have the letter in my email to prove it as every current and alumni of 2015.
    The State of Pennsylvania has 2 years to adhere to the stipulations of Heeding Cheyney’s Call. In 2 years time Cheyney is expected to be thriving. But the media won’t tell the truth. Cheyney will be stronger than ever after the next few semesters. And instead of spreading the Actual truth, it’s being covered up to make the school look bad and the state unreasonable. Cheyney is a state school. So that means the state appoints all leadership. Riddle Me This…How can a school be accountable of things they have no control over?
    I’m honestly baffled. Instead of the local media telling the truth in favor of our institution, they decided to take the same exact negative route that has put Cheyney in the state that it is in. Cheyney has been known to breed some of the most socially conscious people in the American workforce. So for a journalist to speak down on a school facing oppression on a multitude of levels, shows me she lacks information and also,ambition. If Iam to respect someone who writes about my university I want them to tell the whole truth and nothing less.And I’m not just talking about the Cheyney you see in 2015. I’m talking about since the state has taken over 106 years ago around 1909. Cheyney University is being targeted because of its true strength. Cheyney University is the first established historically black intuition of higher learning. We are the oldest HBCU. And rightfully Cheyney University is the first HBCU. Hence the Lincoln vs Cheyney argument of who is first. Yup that’s right, I’m going back from the beginning. But since the State of Pennsylvania has taken over Cheyney University it has never been the same. Our beloved University lost its prestige and joined a system, The PASSHE state system.If you don’t see the blatant tactic that is being used to not only discredit yet another African American University. Then you too are apparently misinform.

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