Federal Court Considers Proposals in Maryland 'Separate But Equal' HBCU Lawsuit

Courtesy: Wikimedia
Courtesy: Wikimedia

By: Scott Dance – The Baltimore Sun

The University of Baltimore and Towson University are ending a 9-year-old joint Master of Business Administration degree program that sparked a lawsuit over a lack of investment in Maryland’s historically black colleges.

State officials would not say whether court proceedings prompted the decision to phase out the program, which had been criticized for unfairly competing with Morgan State University’s MBA offering. But it comes as state higher-education leaders are proposing a $10 million program pairing historically black schools with more diverse public institutions to reverse a history of segregation and satisfy a judge’s 2013 ruling in the case.

Advocates for the state’s historically black colleges and universities say that plan is inadequate — they are calling for Morgan State University to absorb the University of Baltimore and for historically black institutions to take on a host of new programs, including nearly a dozen that would be transplanted from schools like UB, Towson and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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  1. I think they should absorb the PWI institutions programs. It would strengthen Morgan State U. and the HBCU community.

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